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My name is Luke Scorziell, I am 17 and a junior in high school. I am the author/editor/administrator of the Edge of Ideas. I live in Southern California and love to write, read, play sports, and just about anything else.

I started the Edge of Ideas as a freshmen in high school at 15. I want to give my readers the most positive experience possible, while still providing new, informative information. If you ever have something you might like me to write about, feel free to comment or email me at LukeScorziell@TheEdgeofIdeas.com.

My newest project is my podcast Bills with Luke Scorziell. In each episode I discuss relevant legislation passing through congress: analyzing the need for the legislation, why it was proposed, and what the costs and benefits are. Please head over to iTunes and subscribe!

I love to write and love to see you guys enjoying it! So please read a few posts and share with your friends and followers!

I try to post as much as I can. However, being a busy high school student I may sometimes miss a week. If I do miss a post I’ll usually try to make it up, schedule permitting, before Sunday. If you have a website and are interested in having me guest-post or would like to write on on TheEdgeofIdeas.com please email me at LukeScorziell@TheEdgeofIdeas.com. Thank you again for reading and be sure to subscribe. Enjoy!

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3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello Luke Scorziell,
    I am a very good friend of Lisa Scorziell. On our Tuesday run this week,Lisa, shared with me her thoughts on your gratitude blog. She passed on the link and here I am. I love that you referred to it as your thankfuls. I began my thankful journal last night and enjoyed reading what makes you thankful. I have a little catching up to do with your previous blogs – nice writing and risking. It is a risk to put your views out into the world. Geno and Lisa are very proud of you.

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